Human Resources understands how important it is to offer University managers the tools to make hiring and managing your staff as easy as possible.  Follow the topics below to learn more about the resources available to assist you in becoming a successful manager. Check back for new tools and strategies to improve your management skills. 

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Hiring Full-Time and Part-Time Staff 

PittSource for Managers

Access PittSource for Managers to log in to view and manage your department's job postings.

Recruitment Strategy

 Services offered by Recruiting and Client Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising/Sourcing Candidates
  • Diversity Recruitment Items
  • Job Fairs/Community Outreach/Networking
  • Selection System Design and Behavioral Based Interviewing Techniques
  • Temporary Employees

Find your departments's assigned Recruiter or call 412-624-8150 for more information.

Recruitment Process

PittSource is The University of Pittsburgh’s Online Employment Application System. The Office of Human Resources has implemented this system in order to automate many of the paper-driven aspects of the employment application process.

You will use this system to:
  •  Create and submit requests to HR
  • View applicants to your job postings
  • Notify HR of your decisions regarding the status of each applicant
  • Update job descriptions and view them in a job description library
The system is designed to benefit you by facilitating:
  •  More efficient processing of employment information
  • Up-to-date access to information regarding all of your requests
  • More detailed screening of applicants’ qualifications – before they reach the interview stage
Tools include:


  • The Basic Interview Guide is a resource that specifies legally the types of questions that you can and cannot ask applicants during an interview.
  • Behavioral Based Interviewing Guides are available.  Please contact your Recruiter or call 412-624-8150 for more information.

Selection and Hiring Process 

  • In limited circumstances, with required approval, an exception to the staff recruitment process may be justified. There are guidelines for recruitment exception requests available.  Please contact your Recruiter for more information.
  • The Telephone Reference Check Form is a valuable tool used to verify facts and obtain additional information about the candidate. Please do not conduct a reference check without a completed application from PittSource.

After Candidate Acceptance

  • Manager Checklists for Hiring New Employees includes everything from preparing for the arrival of a new employee to items to think about on the first day, week, and month of employment.  This is a general guide aimed to assist managers with the onboarding process for new employees to ensure a smooth transition to working at the University.
  • The Provisional Period gives the employee time to learn and adjust to the new position and gives you as the supervisor, time to evaluate the employee's suitability for the position.  Learn about the three reviews to be conducted during the employee's provisional period. 

Hiring Temporary Employees

  • If you have short-term staffing needs, please visit ALLTEMPS, the temporary staffing service administered by the Office of Human Resources, to learn how to hire a temporary employee.

Staff Salary Administration and Job Classifications

Understanding Staff Wage and Salary Administration

  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee Statuses are determined by the University's Compensation Department in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act based upon the functions of an employee's job.  Learn the definition of each and how the statuses are applied at the University.
  • Compensatory Time and Overtime are pay provisions for non-exempt status employees who work beyond the University's established 37.5 hour workweek. Learn about how these provisions are applied at the University. 

Classified Staff Salary Administration Resources

Employee Records

  • The Employee Record (ER) contains important confidential data regarding hire dates, demographic information, and position information, including organization, job type, and salary data. Any changes made to an employee’s information must be initiated and corrected by the employee's department on the ER and submitted through the appropriate approval channels for processing. Once the appropriate changes are made to the employee’s file, the Payroll Department will automatically generate and send an updated ER to the department in which the employee resides. Learn more about Employee Records.


Training and Professional Development

FSDP Workshops (Faculty and Staff Development Program) 

  • The Faculty and Staff Development Program offers many quality workshops to help you succeed as a manager.  Courses including but not limited to topics in Leadership, Hiring and Interviewing, Performance Management and Diversity are designed to maximize your professional growth.

Register for a workshop during course offerings, which occur during the Spring and Fall semesters each year. 

Online Learning with lynda.com

Made available by Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), lynda.pitt.edu is available 24/7 and offers free unlimited access to an online library of technology courses and other professional topics. Learn more >>

Employee Relations

Staff Grievances

  • As a supervisor, employees may come to you to voice their concerns.  Review these guidelines for assistance in responding to Staff Grievances.

Disciplinary Guidelines

  • If an employee violates a University policy or rule or is not meeting performance requirements, has been insubordinate, or has engaged in conduct affecting the workplace and/or other employees or students, a supervisor may take disciplinary action.  The University's Disciplinary Guidelines should be followed when the need for disciplinary action arises.

Employee Relations Training Opportunities

Preventing Employment Discrimination
  • It is the responsibility of everyone in the University community to maintain a campus environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. This one hour online training program is available to all University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff to help you identify, avoid and report wrongful behaviors. The program outlines basic legal considerations relating to employment discrimination and the University’s policies and procedures that prohibit discrimination and harassment.  Visit the online training resource to complete this course or contact Employee Relations at 412-624-4645 for further information. 
Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • To promote a professional academic and working environment, as well as to ensure compliance with the University's policies on sexual harassment, faculty and staff are required to complete sexual harassment prevention training.  The training course is available to all faculty and staff online.  Visit the online training resource to complete this course.  In addition, you may call Organization Development at 412-624-8044 to discuss whether a facilitated workshop within your department may be appropriate.
Managing Staff Absenteeism (For Supervisors)
  • This presentation, intended for University supervisors, explains University policies and procedures that apply to situations involving staff absenteeism, and recommends practical steps that supervisors can take to effectively manage cases of excessive absenteeism. This course can be completed online at your convenience.  Please register online or contact the Employee Relations department at 412-624-4645 for further information.
Documentation and Employee Performance (For Supervisors)
  • This 20-minute presentation provides basic guidance for University supervisors with respect to the importance of maintaining documentation of employee performance and workplace behavior issues. Applying general principles and practices in the context of two hypothetical employee situations, supervisors will learn: (1) the reasons to create and maintain detailed documentation, (2) what kinds of issues and matters to document, (3) what kinds of documents to create, and (4) how and where to maintain such documentation. This course can be completed online at your convenience.  Please register online or contact the Employee Relations department at 412-624-4645 for further information.


LifeSolutions is the University’s faculty and staff assistance program, which provides WorkLife as well as leadership resources, including no-cost personalized consultations and referrals, for a wide range of daily needs. LifeSolutions can help pave the way to a happier, healthier, and more productive life at work and at home. You can reach LifeSolutions by phone at 1-866-647-3432 or online at www.lifesolutionsforyou.com.

WorkLife Services

The goal of WorkLife services is to help with the time consuming leg work associated with daily needs, so a person can remain focused on his or her job duties. Some of the WorkLife services offered include elder care, financial consultation, child care assistance, and legal consultation.

Leadership Resources

As a leader, what you do and say can have a significant impact on those around you.  LifeSolutions’ staff of professionals can help enhance your leadership effectiveness, through a variety of leadership resources.

Manager Consultation – These services are delivered by trained professionals experienced in dealing with workplace issues and skilled at providing rapid response to difficult workplace situations.  Areas of engagement include managing relationships at work, job performance, and critical incident management.

How to Make a Referral – LifeSolutions professionals know how to partner with you to develop an action plan to address problems at an early stage, including a performance-based referral.

Successful Supervisor Articles – As a supervisor, you deal with pressures coming from all directions that demand a variety of skills. Successful Supervisor is a newsletter geared toward those issues and problem-solving techniques to better equip you to deal with them.

Leadership Training and Workshops – Can be delivered in the following formats:

  • In-person programs where a LifeSolutions staff member comes to your worksite
  • Online programs which are audio, video, and/or PowerPoint presentations
  • Online Webinars that are conducted monthly and provide timely educational work-life information for employees and family members
  • Skill Builders, which are self-paced educational programs providing working knowledge on a wide range of topics designed to support employee performance

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