Goldman Sachs New Analyst Program


As a new analyst, you will learn about our businesses, develop importantrelationships, and build career-enhancing skills.


This programis open to final year undergraduate and graduate level students from any fieldof study, and is ideally suited to those with little or no work experience.While your discipline or major is not important, we’re looking for studentswith an outstanding record of academic achievement and an interest in thefinancial markets.


Asia Pacific (ex Japan): 25 September2016


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A financialbackground is not necessary. Your area or major of concentration is lessimportant to us than your potential. Whether you’ve distinguished yourself ineconomics or history, the next phase of your career will be shaped by yourenergy and vision. We encourage you to apply, provided you share an interest inthe financial markets and have demonstrated strong academic performance andprofessional drive.


Getting toknow us is essential. Our recruitment process is built upon our belief that acandidate’s understanding of the Goldman Sachs culture is as important as theskills and talent she or he can bring to the firm. Explore, consult withalumni and, if possible, talk with your classmates who have interned with us.


Our interviewapproach allows us to introduce you to many of the professionals with whom youmay eventually work, and it enables you to make an informed decision about acareer at Goldman Sachs. Your first interview with us will primarily focus onyour past experiences and accomplishments and whether or not you are a fit withthe firm. Second round and any subsequent interviews will be more technical innature and we will continue to assess your compatibility with the firm.


We provideour new analysts with the tools necessary for professional growth and careeradvancement. As a new analyst, you will learn a great deal about the firm andhow we do business. You will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to supportour businesses, and you will have unlimited access to the training and guidanceto help you prepare for the next level.


The analystexperience fosters the opportunity to connect with people who can help guideyour career. Here you will build your professional network and interact withcolleagues across divisions and regions. We have mentor programs, employeenetworks, clubs and access to external professional organizations that you canjoin.


You willquickly become an integral member of the team with your own responsibilities.Regardless of which area or business you join, you will be working directlywith internal and external clients side-by-side with the experts in our firm.


Throughoutthe analyst years we provide you with ongoing developmental assignments andexposure to multiple disciplines that will supplement your day-to-day responsibilities.Goldman Sachs has a flat organizational structure, so it’s difficult toidentify a typical career path. The breadth and depth of our firm provide youwith a host of opportunities beyond the analyst position. Our formal mobilityprocess encourages you to explore these opportunities both within and outsideof your division and office location.


We created Goldman Sachs University to help you at each stage of your career. Upon joiningthe firm you will receive formal training followed by division-specific ordepartment-specific training. You will also receive ongoing training, based onyour specific skill needs and interests, to bolster your professionaldevelopment through learning in the workplace. We develop programs in a varietyof innovative and challenging formats to guide you through everything fromleading a client presentation for the first time to taking on new managementresponsibilities.


Analysts areformally evaluated as part of the firm’s annual Performance Review Process,which includes a self assessment as well as input from peers, managers andinternal business partners. You will also participate in the PersonalDevelopment Planning process. Based on formal and informal feedback and yourindividual interests, this process helps you to establish your career goals andidentify developmental opportunities within the firm.

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