How to be an office lady

It has graduated 1 years two months and 3 days after graduation, always bustling about, in a hurry to depart, has not had a chance to review the static under heart. Today the sun is shining, the breeze blowing out bursts of cicadas, white skirt, and flying, indoor cloud music singing “NetEase smiled” the promotion of music, life is so quiet and beautiful.
Before graduating seniors had advised me to go home the civil service exam, they always don’t trust a girl alone in Beijing, yes, we’ve always been protected and their school limitations, so eager to complete freedom, also look at Beijing this infinite Internet platform in the rapidly growing, growing into their own look like. My heart started his career in addition to look forward to a little small, most of the time is not confident and feel confused: what do good, feel weak. Every task in the work is done very carefully, carefully to the people around, trying to think of ways to improve their professional ability.
Slowly I found that in addition to their professional level, team communication is also very important to the success of a product, is to ensure that each link to 100 percent perfect, most cases of failure is a product has been found to the development stage does not correspond to the market demand and product function point problem, had to rework, the fundamental reason is that the product has no initial and operational staff communication. This is a relatively large error, product positioning problems. The normal work is team work flow under the link delivery stage, it is need to communicate clearly, if you do not understand the intent of the product design, and made some changes, and then according to the R & D personnel will make a little change, this product is also a failure as can be imagined. In the work of contact with all kinds of communication, one is the high handed president, in accordance with this do, can not change! Well, the boss is generally used in the way, if there is a member of the team in this way, it would be very bad…… Another is the type with their salutary influence of education, good at giving systematic guidance, rich theoretical knowledge and work experience, to guide you in his way, of course, this is the most efficient and harmonious communication. The third is some colleagues especially programmers, not love communication, the buried knock code, which is not very pit, they refused to communicate, but not used, they are to impose their will, some products violate the original intention, not as long as the product manager active enthusiasm to follow up the progress of research and development, it’s not a big problem. The fourth is the position is not firm, always listen to the advice of others, constantly changing. Unfortunately, I am a small series of soft character, want to work hard to grow into second kinds, but hovering in the fourth, still need to work
Finally, in my opinion, professional ability and communication ability is the core competitive power in our job market! Of course, small series of experience, the idea is relatively shallow, welcome to the work of the predecessors to correct it.

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