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Nowadays it is common to encounter a scene when people want to see things happen but can’t make things happen for various kinds of reasons. Sometimes, they just refuse to be the change in the world.

As far as I am concerned, we should all have the notion of being the participant in our life. For instance, one can’t have a healthy body by merely watching others take regular exercises. He must strengthen his body through his own efforts. Another case is that when people intend to acquire new skills, such as public speaking skill, they need to catch every opportunity to speak in the public so that they can achieve success. Furthermore, there are changes we want to see in the world, like protecting the environment effectively, and the only way to make a difference is that each of us should be a contributing participant.

In conclusion, let’s go out there to make things happen, just as the saying goes: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


Recently, what has become a heated social topic is lifelong learning. Views on that vary from person to person, while I think learning needs continuous accumulation after we have recognized the uncovered meaning of learning.

First of all, what is learning? It is revealed as a process of gaining knowledge in the dictionary; actually, this process is acknowledged as acquiring academic knowledge, practical living skills as well as life experience by me. However, in practice, we have never failed to absorb enormous knowledge everyday which, to some extent, is beyond our comprehension. That is to say, digesting those knowledge as well as making the best use of it will undoubtedly take some time. Therefore, lifelong learning consists of daily progress. Moreover, it keeps us refreshing and enrich our mind as time passes by.

From what has been mentioned above, learning is undeniably a lifetime mission which demands daily accumulation and is of great importance.


As research shows, 70% to 80% of our lifetime is spent on certain kinds of communication, such as writing, speaking and listening. Among these, listening is actually the most important technique.

Then why is it that listening is more important than talking? Firstly, when we make acquaintance of someone, listening helps us understand others better and thus winning friendship. Secondly, knowing the art of listening can facilitate communication and avoid conflict with people on intimate terms, such as our parents and spouse. Last but not least, if we obey the principle of listening in the workplace, we are more likely to do the right thing and avoid detours.

Therefore, it is safe to say that listening from the bottom of our hearts can bring us a lot of benefits. I would like to quote the legend John Rockefeller’s words, which I can’t agree more, to end my essay: “A little practice in listening can produce amazing results.”


36. G) favorite

37. M) protest

38. B) amount

39. O) theories

40. I) immediately

41. D) crazy

42. F) differences

43. J) naturally

44. K) happening

45. C) rejected


36. N saw

37. F decades

38. H globally

39. D chances

40. G occurs

41. O specific

42. B associated

43. G experiences

44. M reduce

45. K populations


36、J) fundamentally

37、G) expands

38、O) superficial

39、K) interpretation

40、B) acquired

41、I) flows

42、F) elements

43、M) regard

44、H) familiar

45、A) accustomed


46. The author was advised against the improper use of figures of speech. 对应I段

47. The author’s mother taught him a valuable lesson by pointing out lots of flaws in his seemingly perfect essay. 对应C段

48. A writer should polish his writing repeatedly so as to get closer to perfection. 对应K段

49. Writers may experience periods of time in their life when they just can’t produce anything. 对应E段

50. The author was not much surprised when his school teacher marked his essay as “flawless”. 都应B段

51. Criticizing someone’s speech is said to be easier than coming up with a better one. 对应F段

52. The author looks upon his mother as his most demanding and caring instructor. 对应A段

53. The criticism the author received from his mother changed him as a person. 对应H段

54. The author gradually improved his writing by avoiding fancy language. 对应J段

55. Constructive criticism gives an author a good start to improve his writing. 对应G段


46. Cooking benefits people in many ways and enables them to connect with one another.

答案:D Shouldn’t preparing—and consuming—food be a source of comfort, pride, health, well-being, relaxation, sociability?…

47. Abundant information about cooking is available either online or on TV.

答案:B It’s not because fresh ingredients are hard to come by…

48. Young people do less cooking at home than the elderly these days.

答案:F.Perhaps a return to real cooking needn’t be far off…

49. Cooking skills can be improved with practice.

答案:O. You don’t have to hit the grocery store daily, nor do you need an abundance of skill…

50. In the mid-20th century, most families ate dinner at home instead of eating out.

答案:G. Back in the 1950s most of us grew up in households where Mom cooked virtually every night…

51. Even those short of time or money should be encouraged to cook for themselves and their family

答案:E. When I talk about cooking, I’m not talking about creating elaborate dinner parties or three-day science projects.…

52. Eating food not cooked by ourselves can cause serious consequences.

答案:J. There have been half-hearted but well-publicized efforts by some food companies to reduce calories in their processed food, but….

53. To eat well and still save money, people should buy fresh food and cook it themselves.

答案:M. To those Americans for whom money is a concern…

54. We get a fairly large portion of calories from fast food and snacks.

答案:C. And yet we aren’t cooking…

55. The popularity of TV led to the popularity of frozen food.

答案:H. Although frozen dinners were invented in the ‘40s, their popularity didn’t boom until televisions became popular a decade or so later…


46 G it will not be difficult

47. D what distinguishes

48 A

49 E

50 K

51 H

52 C

53 I

54 B

55 J


Passage One

56. A) Its success is hard to copy anywhere else.

57. B) Lack of the right kind of talents.

58. A) Its location is not as attractive to rich people.

59. D) It is an old city with many sites of historical interest.

60. C) They can do more than providing money.

Passage Two

61. C) It may prevent your business and career from advancing.

62. B) Encourage people to disagree and argue.

63. A) To find out the truth about an issue.

64. D) They take care not to hurt each other’s feelings.

65. D) Acknowledge their contribution.


56 C it may have a negative effect on creative work.

57 A they combine clock-based and task-based planning

58 D they tend to be more productive.

59 B it does not attach enough importance to task-based practice

60 A task-based timing is preferred for doing creative work

61.A Her past record might stand in her way to a new life

62. B they are deprived of chances to turn over a new leaf

63. C. they are marginalized in society

64 D a lot of them have negative effects on society

65 B to appeal for changes in America’s criminal justice system


56. A) It is disappearing.

57. B) electronically.

58. D) Spending money is so fast and easy.

59. A) It represents a change in the modern world.

60. C) He feels reluctant to part with the traditional wallet.

61. A) They are culture-related.

62. C) They get less sleep on public holidays.

63. C) The World Cup.

64. B) They want to get sufficient sleep.

65. B) Few people really know the importance of sleep.


The Annual Chinese Speech Contest for Foreigners was held in Changsha this year. The contest was proved to be a good way to promote cultural exchanges between China and other regions all over the world. It provides an opportunity for young people around the world to understand China better.

A total of 126 players from 87 countries gathered in the capital of Hunan province to participate in the semi-final and the final from July 6th to August 5th.

Competition is not the only activity. Players also have a chance to visit famous and historical attractions in other parts of China.


Lijiang, an ancient town of Yunnan Province, is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Its pace of life is slower than that of most cities of China. There are many natural beauties everywhere in Lijiang and many ethnical minorities provide tourists with a great variety of cultural experience. Lijiang is also well-known as the “city of love”in history. Many stories about life and dying for love have spreaded widely among the locals. Nowadays, for tourists home and abroad, the ancient town is regarded as a paradise of love and romance.

Chinese parents have frequently tended to pay too much attention to their children’s study, so that children don’t help them do the housework. Their only requirement for their children is to study hard, perform well in the exams, and go to a famous/prestigious university. They believe it is good for their children, because in such a highly competitive society, only good results could ensure a promising future. Chinese parents also believe that parents will be honored if their children can achieve great success in society. Therefore, they are willing to sacrifice their own time, hobbies and interests, to create much better conditions for children.


The cartoon, vivid and explicit, unfolds a sense to us, in which a woman, who stands by the door, makes a cup of coffee for her husband. However, the most striking feature of the drawing is that the husband, working in front of a computer, says that he feels unfortunate to live in a world with so much misleading information. Simple as the illustration seems, it discloses a serious problem that it is rather hard to obtain useful and helpful information in the highly modernized society.

Harmful are the impacts of the phenomenon and I would like to explore the following aspects. For one thing, by no means can we deny that nothing poses a greater threat to a corporation’s strategy of development than the misleading information, the harm of which can never be ignored. For another, this kind of cheat also makes it impossible for individuals, especially adolescents, to tell the right from the wrong.

From my perspective, it is high time that the authorities concerned established relevant regulations to better the environment of the virtual world. Only in this way can both people and our country benefit a lot from the development of high technology.


As is shown above, in the middle of the picture sit two people, one of whom said, “I love reading but my favorite book is Facebook. This cartoon is trying to inform us that Internet, as a matter of fact, has been performing an indispensable role in reading for modern life.

There are two factors leading to this phenomenon reflected by the cartoon. For one thing, with the scientific technology developing rapidly, the internet, to a large degree, plays a dominant part in our daily life. Thus, there is no doubt that it offers us many advantages and makes our life more convenient and efficient, ranging from online meal booking to reading online. Additionally, it is a more advanced approach to access to essential and useful information. By clicking the mouse , any stories and information what I want at any given time and site can be accessed. Consequently, that’s the reason why a large number of people prefer to choose the way of reading online.

Admittedly, much useless and false information abounds on the internet. It is advisable for us to reading more carefully and critically.

As is graphically revealed in the cartoon, a few employees are holding a conference in the meeting room equipped with advanced devices。However,the most striking feature of the drawing is that the man in the center,who seems like a manager,says that they have lots of information technology,while useful information is badly needed。Simple as the illustration seems,it discloses a serious problem that it is rather hard to obtain helpful information in the highly modernized society。

A multitude of reasons can account for the phenomenon。On the one hand, it can be partially due to the fact that the modern technology has been developing at an incredible speed, which provides a booming amount of information and it is difficult to tell the right from the wrong。On the other hand,it is also because the restriction about spreading information on the Internet is far from perfect, making it difficult to get rid of the problem effectively and fundamentally。

From my perspective,it is high time that we transferred our focus from developing technology to searching for something helpful。Only in this way can we acquire what we literally need。


36. O) vulnerable

37. J) permanent

38. A) advocate

39. N) tighten

40. K) restricted

41. E) facilities

42. G) investigate

43. M) statistical

44. C) correlation

45. D) exercise


36. E) exception

37. O) worldwide

38. K) shifting

39. L) shrank

40. J) relayed

41. F) fault

42. H) notably

43. I) previous

44. C) desperate

45. D) deterioration


36. B. caters

37. M. recommended

38. D. debated

39. F. ideal

40. C. chronically

41. G. improvements

42. E. deprivation

43. L. ready

44. H. necessarily

45. O. target


C 46. Not only moving objects and people but all systems have momentum.

I 47. Changing the current energy system requires the systematic training of professionals and skilled labor.

E48. Changing a light bulb is easier than changing the fixture housing it.

K49. Efforts to accelerate the current energy transitions didn’t succeed as expected.

G 50. To change the light source is costly because you have to change the whole fixture.

A 51. Energy systems, like an aircraft carrier set in motion, have huge momentum.

G 52. The problem with lighting, if it arises, often doesn’t lie in light sources but in their applications.

J 53. The biggest obstacle to energy transition is that the present energy system is too expensive to replace.

D 54. The application of a technology can impact areas beyond itself.

B 55. Physical characteristics of moving objects help explain the dynamics of energy systems.


46.Many first-generation college-goers have doubts about their abilities to get a college degree.


47.First-generation college students tend to have much heavier financial burdens than their peers.


48.The graduation rate of first-generation students at Nijay’s university was incredibly low.


49.Some top institutions like Yale seem to provide first-generation students with more support than they actually need.


50. On entering college, Nijay Williams had no idea how challenging college education was.


51.Many universities simply refuse to release their exact graduation rates for first generation students.


52. According to a marketing executive, many students from low-income families don’t know they could have a chance of going to an elite university.


53.Some elite universities attach great importance to building up the first-generation students’ self-confidence.


54. I’m First distributes information to help first-generation college-goers find schools that are most suitable for them.


55. Elite universities distributes information to help first-generation students at a higher rate.



Passage One

56. A) It is free from racial biases.

57. D) It is politically sensitive.

58. A) Racial biases are widespread in the professional world.

59. C) People’s conception of a person has much to do with the way he or she is labeled.

60. D) All ethnic groups share the nation’s continued progress.
Passage Two

61. B) It fails to prepare students to face the challenges of modern times.

62. A) The diluted college curriculum.

63. D) They prioritize non-academic activities.

64. D) They can climb the social ladder even without a degree.

65. C) The current situation in American higher education may not last long.


56. C. Take costs into account when making treatment decisions.

57. B. Effects of medicine treatment.

58. A. The redefining of doctors’ roles.

59. D. They may lose the respect of patients.

60. It results from society’s failure to tackle the problem.

61. A. It is the biggest obstacle to social mobility.

62. C. It is not correctly interpreted.

63. C. offer poor children more chances to climb the social ladder.

64. A. Family structure.

65. D. It is better to start from the community to help poor children move up the social ladder.

China is playing an increasingly important role in helping the international community in the process of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030.

Since the implementation of reform and opening up in the late 1970s, China has helped as many as 400 million people out of poverty. In the next five years, China will provide assistance to other developing countries in poverty reduction, education development, agricultural modernization, environmental protection, health care and so on.

China has made remarkable progress in poverty alleviation, and it has made unremitting efforts in promoting economic growth. This will encourage other poor countries to cope with their own development challenges. These countries can learn from China’s experience in seeking the path of development with their own characteristics.

Recently, the Chinese government decided to upgrade its industry. China is now involved in the construction of high-speed trains, ocean-going vessels, robots, and even aircrafts. Not long ago, China obtained the contract for construction of a high-speed rail in Indonesia. It has also signed a contract with Malaysia to provide high-speed trains. This proves that people have faith in China-made products.

China-made products are gaining popularity, for which China has paid a price. However, it does contribute to the eradication of poverty and also, in the meantime, provide employment opportunities for people around the world. This is a good deed which is commendable. You may want to take a look at the purchased goods for the name of the producing country next time you go to the store. Most probably the product is made in China.

In China, parents are always trying to help their children. They even help make important decisions regardless of what their children want, because they believe that it is for the good of the children. As a result, the growth and education of the children tend to succumb to the wishes of their parents.

If the parents decide to sign up extra-curricular classes for their children in order to increase their chances of being admitted to key schools, they would stick to their decisions, even if the children simply are not interested in them at all.

However, in the United States, parents are likely to respect the views of the children, and pay more attention to their ideas in decision-making.

It is probably commendable that Chinese parents attach great importance to education. However, when it comes to education, they should learn from American parents on how to balance the relationship between parents and children.

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