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No time to read a long and minute statement of the students
This article introduced me to look for the PPT template some experience and the resources, emphatically introduced
1 plus office (Microsoft official Template Library)
2 rice hull (WPS official Template Library)
3 networks
Hope to help in doing PPT encountered difficulties encountered in the students
If you encounter any difficulties in the production of PPT, please give me a message. No background no coffee tea, but there is a small robot for molesting adorable. Sir, wait for you oh
To complete a PPT for most of the students is not a simple matter, content summary — Design Master — color — layout is to spend a lot of time. So whenever there is a task that needs to be done, a lot of people will think of the first one.
How to find a suitable template?
First of all, we need to know where there is a template.
We all got the life of Baidu’s first PPT template, but soon will find that these rough search template is often produced very rough, color is very moving, layout confusion.
The Baidu results is not fatal, but on important occasions to go awry, the boss will be taken.
Below recommend a few of my commonly used PPT template website
Plus office
All needs should be resorted to by professionals, so in the first place
Plus http://office.msn.com.cn/Template/Home.shtml Office
Plus office is Microsoft’s official template library, the entire library works are free of charge, the key is super high quality. Plus office template library basically able to meet all of a person’s imagination PPT. The only drawback is that the number of works is not enough, of course, this is compared to other sites in terms of.
Using method of plus office:
After entering the site, you will see this.
After you go into the library, you will see the work is like this.
All you have to do is to register the Microsoft account, enjoy the download.
In addition to the PPT template, the website also includes other office software download, download the attached picture material. Familiar with the website, resume the phrase “proficiency in office software in order to be more emboldened.
Making fine separate icons in PPT template fields including template columns, fishbone diagram, SWOT icon and the production plan.
Although the number of works is not much, but the official website is still able to keep up with the trend, the end of the quarter, the end of the year, graduation season, such as the timely introduction of the node.
As the Royal people, to ensure quality without losing efficiency and flexibility, which is the reason for plus office as the preferred site for my PPT template.
rice husk
In second place is recommended
Www.docer.com rice husk
A lot of people are on the WPS that there is rice husk son this net thing
But more people do not know this thing, because no matter which version of the WPS final position it was always in the whole menu, the mouse is very difficult in general to the force.
It is an unnoticed talent really is not an exaggeration. As the official WPS template library, the performance of rice husk is not worse than the WPS.
After entering the site, you can see the following categories
But this is not the most important, the most important here.
The last two words are the most interesting of all, to see the quality of their free PPT
Rice hull PPT template tend to be practical, concise and there is no lack of design sense, suitable for university students in a number of topics in the course of the curriculum and the use of a variety of competitions.
Network of evolution
The following is to be recommended
Www.wangfz.com Wang Fuzi (ILinku)
This is the website of many designers gathered, but also remember the opening of the plus office works less stem it, plus office’s work compared to the number of the play, is a little poor.
Truly do more and more refined, this is the place to play a very admirable place.
Feel it
Today’s theme, however, is how to find free high quality templates. To enter the home page, will find four sparkling words.
There have been countless users to help us to screen out the best works, only need to click on Popularity – from high to low.
The best free works have been screened out, see the eye, you can use the mouse to point a little bit to buy immediately, it is 0 yuan.
You think this is over. As a benefit, I won’t forget to tell you that it’s OK to add all the PPT of interest to the shopping cart and click on the download!
This is my normal use of some of the PPT template site, if you encounter any problems in the use of PPT or what is the idea, and I welcome to exchange.

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