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The personal profile resume is the resume profile where you state all your personal qualities. The usual resume profile contain information about the things you have achieved in your previous job, but in the personal profile, you talk about qualities and things you might have achieved in your life outside of the office.

The practice of writing about other achievements outside of office is advantageous to people who are fresh out of college and do not have much job experience. They can write about their achievements during education course. This will help them out a great deal about in getting their first job.

The profile will also be in the chronological order. Though, this profile is about academic achievements, you do not have to state details about qualifications. Those are to be left for the resume. What you do have to mention is how you performed and what all qualities you picked up during your course of education.

These qualities will make your resume look even more attractive. Since, this is for people who do not have much job experience, they have to concentrate on the other documents as well that will accompany the resume personal profile resume. The resume is the main document and the profile should be such that it compliments the resume. Read the example given below to understand how the personal resume profile.

Personal Profile Resume Samples

  • Learned a lot during education and have also learned about what is required from me in the three month internship program at the H.L. Corp.
  • Finished all the college assignments in time and scored well in all of them
  • Got along well with all the fellow students and was on great terms with the professors as well
  • Helped my fellow students with their projects
  • Took part in extracurricular activities that took place in college
  • Was part of the college lacrosse team and also was the stand-in captain
  • Actively took part in all the charity events that took place in college. Also, actively campaigned to create awareness about the charity even in our school
  • Opted for volunteer work in my free time
  • Obtained my degree with good grades
  • Had great success in the internship program and was adjudged as the strongest candidate
  • Had a good learning experience and the superiors assigned many duties
  • Got to interact with real clients and understood the real market conditions
  • I am a fast learner and learned quite a lot in the internship program

This is a small example of how a personal profile resume would look like. The pointers that are mentioned in them are about the experience the candidate has had in college. In the latter half, there are points about the internship program the candidate was in. This combination, coupled with a career objective, will surely increase chances for the candidate get their first job. We will see another personal profile a candidate who does not have internship experience.

  • Finished my education from Boston University, which is one of the best university to learn business administration
  • Was the valedictorian in the graduation ceremony of our college
  • Worked hard in the course and even obtained many awards
  • Attended college on a scholarship which I won from a charitable institute after clearing my high school with excellent grades
  • Won the fully-paid scholarship because of my excellent grades and recommendation from high school
  • Was captain of the high school debate team and also was on the quiz team that won the city finals
  • Actively took part in all the extracurricular activities
  • Was on good terms with all the teachers and they also helped and taught me a lot in high school
  • Eager to get into the professional world and learn about administration

The personal profile resume is of great help for people who have just finished their education. This gives them an opportunity to write something to the potential employers.

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